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Eating Local

Guam's Annual Hagat Mango Festival

Time your next trip to Guam with the Annual Hagat Mango Festival. This yearly event celebrates the juicy, red-gold fruit with contests, live music and beachside fun. 


Traditional Foods on Guam Every Traveler Must Try

Guam is undeniably one of the most beautiful and culturally rich destinations in the Pacific. Located at the heart of Micronesia’s islands, it is known for being the heart of Chamorro culture and food.


5 Quick & Healthy Guam Recipes

Eating healthy on Guam does not have to be expensive! We have 5 easy recipes you can make at home, using local produce. You just might find them delicious enough to forget they’re healthy.


Guam Fiesta Guidebook: Etiquette & Tips

Celebration at a fiesta is a revered tradition on Guam. Master Guam’s vibrant fiestas with our guidebook, packed with essential rules and tips to help you celebrate like a local.


Where to Buy Fresh, Local Produce on Guam

Guam offers a bounty of fresh and vibrant fruits and vegetables. Although you can find some locally grown items in grocery stores, here’s a comprehensive guide for other places to source fresh, local produce on Guam.


The Sweet, the Salty, and the Pickled: A Guide to Guam’s Mom ‘n Pop Shops

In some ways, the mom ‘n pop store and Guam have a lot in common: on the outside, you might see a weather-beaten building with a strange name, but once you go in, you will find no shortage of surprises. Every village has one, most have many. On the counter next to the register you will find sweet, salty, and spicy never-fail favorites.


16 Mouth-Watering Chamorro Food Recipes on Guam

You don’t have to be a gourmand to know that Guam food is pretty addictive. If you’re craving mom’s eskabeche or dad’s BBQ short ribs, heat up the skillet or fire up the grill and start cooking with these tried and true Chamorro recipes!


Guam Dishes You Can Make At Home

One of the best things about Guam is the food. There is so much flavor and spice in the meals and all of the foods are so different. Guam food offers such a range of flavors and dishes for all occasions.


Guam Home-Grown Fruit and Vegetable Recipes, Part 2

We’re always on the look out for unique ways to make use of our island’s plentiful produce. As you saw in part 1, we’ve culled the best local recipes that are also easy to make at home.


Guam Home-Grown Fruit and Vegetable Recipes, Part 1

Once again, we’re culled the most popular local recipes, as well as Pacific-Asian dishes and desserts that can be created with fresh ingredients growing right in your backyard.