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Traditional Foods on Guam Every Traveler Must Try

Traditional Foods on Guam Every Traveler Must Try

Guam is undeniably one of the most beautiful and culturally rich destinations in the Pacific. Located at the heart of Micronesia’s islands, it is known for being the heart of Chamorro culture and food.

The island is is also a top destination for experienced travelers, who appreciate not only an opportunity to relax and enjoy peaceful rest but also a chance to immerse themselves into a completely different culture with its unique traditions, authentic cultures, and unusual cuisines. 

No matter if you prefer calm vacations or active days off in Guam, you are likely to relish its eye-catching landscapes, magnificent views, and picturesque places. However, what you will love even more is delicious and cuisine. Check out some of the most popular dishes you should definitely taste in Guam.



If you enjoy traveling, you should know that each destination has a specific product popular all over the place. In Guam, red rice is the most popular dish. It resembles a Mexican dish because of its strong aroma and spicy taste. However, the unique color and unusual flavor add to its appreciation. In fact, you will not find a tourist who has been to Guam and didn’t taste Red Rice. It is the dish served in every single restaurant, café, and home.



This is the best delight for those who love coconut. Combining sugar with grated coconut, locals get an excellent dessert worth trying. It may be served in different forms, but the taste will remain the same. It is also important to note that people in Guam care not only about the flavor of their dishes but also the way they look.



Although you will not taste it as a separate dish, it remains one of the most appreciated and widely-used all-purpose sauces that can be added to a whole array of local dishes. No matter if you cook red rice or barbecue, the salty-spicy-sour Fina’denne’ will contribute to the final taste of the dish.



A taste of an exceptionally spicy stew made of chicken marinated in vinegar, pepper, soya sauce, garlic, and onion will stay in your memory for many years. The dish is frequently cooked with coconut milk that also adds to its flavor.



The beloved vegetable dish is made with spinach cooked in coconut milk is a staple at the table. It's a popular dish served with meats and fish and has a mild and creamy flavor.

Photo by Victor Consaga



Hotnon Babui is the exact thing you need to taste if you relish pork. Tender and moist meat will not leave you indifferent. The unique flavor and unforgettable aftertaste make the dish special. Thus, it is reserved for special celebrations and important occasions that take place in Guam.



Is there anything more delicious than Lumpia? Well, it depends on your preferences, but a considerable number of tourists specify it as the best food they tasted in Guam. Spring roll is the exact dish you will find at every fiesta table in this area.



Do you love seafood? Shrimp mixed with vegetables and covered in the soft dough may become your favorite dish in Guam. The vast majority of locals take it daily, as it is not only tasty but also easy to cook.



Travelers, who enjoy sweets and desserts more than first dishes, will surely appreciate and an unforgettable taste of the vanilla custard cake. It is the traditional delight that is served at any celebration.



This tasty dish can be made with flour and corn. If you have ever tried tortilla, you will find it similar. At the same time, you will also notice a crucial difference. The authentic Titiyas can be taken as a separate dish or as a chip for scooping kelaguen.



Although it may sound simple and trivial, in fact, it is a delicious dish when cucumbers are pickles with a mix of vinegar, soy sauce, and hot pepper. Extraordinary cucumber salad is perfect with rice and ribs.

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