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Three Perfect Days in Guam – Day 3

Your last day on Guam certainly won’t qualify as winding down — read on for what to do on your last 3-day trip to island.


Three Perfect Days in Guam - Day 1

From centuries-old Spanish forts to multi-level Louis Vuitton stores, Guam is the crossroads of ancient culture and modern commerce. The island has become all things to everyone — the shopper, the adventure lover, the spa goer, the beach bum, and the culture enthusiast, to name a few.


10 Activities for Adventure Lovers on Guam

Tired of filling your downtime doing the same old same old? A little taste of adventure is sure to spice things up. The good news? With everything from amusement parks to Zorbing, there’s no shortage of exciting activities for adventure lovers on Guam. Take your pick!


Visit the Cave of Shoichi Yokoi: The Last Japanese Soldier on Guam

Explore the incredible story of Sergeant Shoichi Yokoi, the last Japanese soldier on Guam, who hid for more than a quarter century in the island's jungles. Visit his reconstructed cave at Talofofo Falls Resort Park.


5 Things You Can Only Do On Guam

Guam offers more than just stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. This U.S. territory boasts a unique culture and history, with experiences you won't find anywhere else. Join us as we unveil 5 things you can only do on Guam!


Visit the Chamorro Village on Guam

Chamorro Village is a must-do on Guam. The outdoor mall is open every day but the main event happens every Wednesday night from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. when tourists and locals gather for the outdoor market and a multitude of cultural events.


Talofofo Falls

Explore one of Guam’s most popular waterfalls through the Talofofo Falls Resort Park.