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Extreme Activities on Guam

Extreme Activities on Guam

Guam is a relatively small island that is the homeland of Chamorro people. Their traditions lasted for thousands of years, and nowadays, the isle’s government is putting huge effort to restore and develop it.

Of course, Guam is a real gem for travelers from all over the planet. It has a lot to offer: festivals, concerts, performances, arts, legends and myths, and places of interest to see. Additionally, Guam has many things to try for those who prefer active or even extreme tourism.


Off-Road Buggy Adventure

For starters, it’s suitable to mention a relatively light extreme opportunity here. The off-road adventure places you behind the wheel of an ATV (or a Buggy) to let you drive through the Off-Road Park and the Guam International Raceway! It’s amazing!

No worries, they’ll let you practice driving through a safe area first, then you’ll leave for dirt roads and jungle routes. It’s time for 60 minutes of an impressive buggy ride! Of course, you can stop throughout the way to enjoy the magnificent landscapes around.



Parasailing is an activity that may seem a bit more dangerous than a “regular” buggy ride. Though, there is no reason to worry: safety is always the priority for the locals.

The point is, your parachute is tied to the ship that moves through the sea waves at high speed. The wind under the parachute can raise you to over 100 feet above the sea. Think about that: you’ll fly over the blue water surface at the height of 15 floors!

You fly over the sea and enjoy the great view around. It’s only you, the blue sea, the bright sky, and the sandy surface of Guam’s coasts. Isn’t that a guarantee of unforgettable impressions?



If parasailing seems too low for you, then it’s time to get even higher! Multiple companies all over the island offer services for tourists to experience skydiving. A plane will raise you up to 12-14 thousand feet where you can jump off with a parachute either alone or with an experienced and qualified instructor.

For an added fee, they’ll provide you with photo and video recording opportunities during the flight and the jump. Your unforgettable emotions will be with you once and forever!


Water Sports and Entertainment 

This is the most diverse branch of extreme activities in Guam, without a doubt. The variety of water sports available here due to a warm tropical climate with an excellent sea and air temperature is absolutely huge. Active and extreme entertainment admirers can go in for water cycling, windsurfing, and more. 

Go jet skiing! Grab your friend, life jacket, and shades and tour around the island on a fun jet ski ride. It’s the perfect way to have fun while going around the island. There are many local businesses on Guam that offer tours for jet skiing and other fun water activities. After jet skiing, you can cool down in the water or soak up the sun along the beach. What better way than to spend a day on Guam’s clear blue waters!  


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an extremely popular hobby for both locals and tourists. Though, like any other activity connected with water, diving requires a responsible approach from everyone. Again, no worries: local instructors are pros.

Besides the unbelievable beauty of the underwater world, the already mentioned warm water temperature is another advantage that Guam can offer to divers. Additionally, there are many worthy locations to dive, and your instructor will pick the most suitable place regarding your preferences and, of course, experience in diving.


Yachting and Fishing

Take your refreshing drink, put on sunglasses and a swimsuit, and get on board! The green island and the blue sea await! The sailing opportunities here are limitless. You can have a trip to the point where Ferdinand Magellan himself landed long ago or go to Cocos Island by water.

To end this article about extreme and exciting Guam activities, it would be perfect to let you know about the tropical fishing session. Rent equipment and a private boat, grab a pack of friends, and go catch some big trophy fish like barracuda or marlin!


Guam is calling you! Come and prepare to be amazed! If you want to experience more thrilling activities, check out our article on Where to Take the Plunge: Adrenaline Junkies and Go Pros Only

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