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Sun, Sand, Sweat: Top 5 Beach Trails on Guam

Sun, Sand, Sweat: Top 5 Beach Trails on Guam

Daily life can get hectic as we go about trying to make a living while living our lives. From work to family to social obligations, and even hobbies such as sports that require a certain amount of preparation and organization, things can get crazy. Sometimes the best antidote is to just get away from it all for a little while, and one of the best ways to do that on Guam is with a good beach hike. 

Sure, there are epic hikes that take you through the jungles and over the hills, but you’re trying to relax, right? Here are five beach trails on Guam to help you get some fresh air, sunshine, exercise and maybe a dip in the ocean. You live on an island, so you might as well make life a beach, at least for a little while. 

But first, a safety checklist

Before you go on a hike – or do anything – near or by the ocean, check the weather and tide reports. Avoid these areas during inclement weather and always follow advice from local safety agencies, such as the Office of Civil Defense and Homeland Security. 

Make sure to bring water, sunscreen, protective footwear, and be sure to tell others where you’re going and how long you expect to be away. Keep your cell phone charged (although reception may be spotty in some areas). Most importantly, be safe and have fun! 




1. Gun Beach to Tanguisson Beach 

This hike features old World War II remnants—specifically, the guns for which the beach is named – latte stones which mark the spot of an ancient Chamorro village, a shrine to the Virgin Mary and beautiful rock formations. You’ll pass Two Lover’s Point as well as the old Dededo power plant, so you’re getting a lot of Guam history in just one hike. Just be sure to check local tide charts before attempting this hike, as much of the area is submerged during high tide. 

2. Ipan Beach to Asquiroga Cove 


The first part of this hike takes place on a trail covered with trees that’s often used as a jogging path. You’ll find an old World War II Japanese fortification on this leg. As you press on, you’ll cross a river and hit the beach near Jeff's Pirates Cove. You’ll also pass Ipan Beach Park, Ipan Beach Resort, Mana Beach, and Asanite Bay before you reach your final destination at Asquiroga Cove. For a simple hike, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to swim, snorkel, and even get some food and drink, so this hike has it all! 

3. Ylig Bay to Taga’chang Beach 

This hike is slightly more challenging as you might have to wade in the water during portions of the hike, but it’s still beginner -friendly. Starting at Ylig Bay beach, you’ll walk past a Japanese pillbox to Turtle Rock, where you can jump from 10 to 25 feet into the water. From there you can continue on past majestic cliffs, past a blowhole and a natural swimming pool as you make your way to Taga’chang beach. 

4. Umatac Bay to Toguan Bay 

This hike gets a little rocky at times – as in literally stretches of rocky coastline. It still has enough sandy stretches to give you a relaxing beach hike experience. Although you’ll have to make your way through some vegetation, it’s still a pretty easy hike, so don’t be intimidated. 


5. Hila’an Beach to Shark’s Hole 

This hike brings you past striking mushroom-shaped rock formations, which you can easily wade out to if the conditions are right. Proceed north to find Shark's Hole, easily identifiable as a light blue patch of water. It’s a breeding ground for nurse sharks – which are generally harmless to humans – and a popular snorkeling spot. If waves are high, you’ll need to walk up onto the rocks.

Happy Hiking! For more fun hiking trails and resources, click here or discover more of Guam's beautiful beaches and parks here

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