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Hila'an Beach: Guam's Famous Mushroom Rocks

Hila'an Beach: Guam's Famous Mushroom Rocks

Guam's famous "mushroom rocks" is a must-see on every visitor's list. While many locals and visitors refer to this area as Tanguisson Beach, it's actually Hila'an Beach where you'll find these unique rock formations. They form a gorgeous backdrop at any time of day, and the best part? It's a quiet little spot that isn't crowded with people. 

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit is during low tide. This gives you the best view of the mushroom rocks and makes walking around easier. 

Getting there: 

Getting to Hila'an Beach requires a short hike, but it's totally worth it. Here's how to get there:

  1. From Hagåtña, head north on Marine Corps Drive.
  2. Once you near Micronesia Mall, look for a sign on the left for Two Lover's Point (Puntan Dos Amantes). Take that road. 
  3. When you reach the Stop sign, turn left. You'll see the "Two Lover's Point" sign on your left, but don't turn in there. Keep driving straight.
  4. You'll head downhill through twists and turns. Drive slowly and be careful of overgrown shrubbery that can create blind spots for oncoming traffic. 
  5. The road will open up and you'll end up at Tanguisson Beach. Watch out for potholes, especially after it has been raining.
  6. Find a parking spot and walk down the beach towards the right (north). 
  7. Follow the trail into the jungle coastline. It's a short trek through a jungle-like path with some low tree trunks, so you might have to maneuver a bit. In a few minutes, you'll reach the opening to Hila'an Beach. 

Walk along the coastline and you'll see the mushroom rocks up ahead. Enjoy the tidepools on the rocky shoreline, filled with little critters and bright green mossy rocks. 

Quick tips:

  • Wear sturdy shoes. The terrain is rocky and uneven, so good shoes with proper support are a must.
  • Water, snacks, and a picnic! There are no shops or stands nearby, so pack plenty of water and munchies. Set up a blanket and enjoy a quiet picnic while soaking up the serene beach vibes.
  • Bring snorkel gear to enjoy the marine life in the area.
  • Remember to pack out all your trash to keep the this paradise beautiful.


Hila'an Beach is a wonderful slice of Guam's paradise that offers a bit of adventure, a quiet escape and a chance to connect with Guam's unique natural beauty. 

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