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Made in Guam: American Chocolate Factory

Made in Guam: American Chocolate Factory

Every month, The Guam Guide shines a light on the island's creativity and craftsmanship in our "Made in Guam" feature. Discover unique finds, support local businesses, and take home a piece of Guam's spirit, all while supporting products that meet the high standards of the Guam Product Seal.

The American Chocolate Factory has been serving their smooth and rich chocolates to tourists and island residents, since 2006. American Chocolate Factory prides itself in being the very first large machinery chocolate factory on the island. 

To craft their chocolates, they use high quality raw materials – blending cocoa butter, cocoa powder, milk powder, and cane sugar. The grinding of all ingredients can take up to 24 hours. This transforms the ingredients into a smooth, velvety liquid, which is used to make the fresh chocolates. You can enjoy each bite, knowing that you are getting high quality chocolates with no chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, or artificial substances.

In June 2019, the American Chocolate Factory opened their retail shop where customers can enjoy the experience of making their own chocolate. The DIY chocolate class includes chocolate making, a behind-the-scenes tour of the factory, a drink, and a complimentary kid’s apron. 

If you are on the island, experience a DIY chocolate making class and don’t forget to take some chocolates back home with you for family and friends!


Products: Chocolate Covered Sweet Treats 

Where to Buy: ABC Stores, Bon Voyage Stores, Pay-Less Supermarkets, Village of Donki, Kmart, Lotte Duty Free, and JP Superstore

Connect: @americanchocolatefactory (Instagram)


American Chocolate Factory is proudly certified under the Guam Product Seal program, an initiative by the Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA) that recognizes and promotes locally made products. Look for the Guam Product Seal to support local businesses and embrace Guam's sustainable future.
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