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Take a Hike to 1,001 Steps

Take a Hike to 1,001 Steps

Catch the backside of a sunset or rise early and (hope to) sight dolphins at this peaceful and picturesque cliff in Mangilao.

Flights of stairs were built to allow access to the bottom of the cliff where another marked path takes you towards rocky shores boasting a beautiful view of the eastern cliffline of Guam and the Pacific Ocean. The trail is not one long stair case, but a series of paths and stairs leading to Taguan Point & Fadian Cove.

Location: Back road to Anderson, Taguan Point, adjacent to Mangilao Golf Course

Duration: (2 hours) 20-30 minutes to the bottom of the steps

Level of Ease: Medium for steep steps

Driving Directions: If heading southbound in Mangilao on the back road of Anderson, make a left turn on the road right before the fence of the Mangilao Golf Course. There is an official sign marketing the entrance. Follow paved road straight down. Continue on to the dirt road at the end of paved road, and it will take you to a paved parking lot area for Taguan Point.

Hiking Directions:

  1. Follow the perimeter of the fence until you see railings.
  2. Take the stairs down and follow the dirt path as the flight of stairs end.
  3. Observe the limestone forest all around, wild coffee bean plants and coconut crab traps.
  4. Observe the remains of cycad trees locally known as Fadang. These ancient plants are on the brink of extinction on Guam as 90% of its population has been attacked by beetles that dig deep into the plant. Once flourishing all over the jungles of Guam, today, it is rare to see one unharmed, and alive in the wild.
  5. As you reach the bottom of the last flight of stairs, head straight towards the rocky shore path marked by a ribbon on a local pine tree branch. Carefully walk on top of the limestone corals.

Best Time to Go: Around 9 a.m to 11:00 a.m. there have been sightings of dolphins swimming by. The trees provide a nice canopy that protects you from the heat, but should it rain have a firmer grip on the railings as the stairs are steep.

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