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Wedding in Paradise: Getting Married on Guam

Wedding in Paradise: Getting Married on Guam

Many people dream of the perfect intimate ocean side wedding ceremony. Whether your dream wedding is ocean side or a lavish ceremony in a grand location, Guam has it all. Here is your simple guide to getting married on Guam. 

1. Gather necessary documents 

Ensure you have photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, and birth certificates for both bride and groom. Non-U.S. citizens must complete a “Marriage License Affidavit” form, notarized in Guam. 

2. Apply for a marriage license

Both parties must be present to apply at the Office of Vital Statistics located in first floor of the Department of Public Health and Social Services building in Mangilao. The application form is available online for convenience. 

3. Pay the fees 

There is a mandatory five-day waiting period between when the application is filed and the license is issued. The license is valid for 60 days after it is issued. After that, the process starts again. To waive this, file an affidavit of “Good Cause Shown” for an additional $50 fee. 

4. Submit the Marriage Certificate

 After the ceremony, you must submit the executed marriage certificate to the Office of Vital Statistics within ten working days. Obtaining a certified copy of the marriage certificate costs $10​. 


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