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Only on Guam: 5 Quirky Things You Need to Know

Only on Guam: 5 Quirky Things You Need to Know

Guam’s a special place — a crossroads of the Pacific, a melting pot of cultures, you know the drill. One of the best parts about living here is the way Guam has remixed the various practices and preferences of the Asia Pacific region and the United States. As a result, our tropical paradise has a flavor all its own, so much so that new arrivals to Guam — and even locals leaving the island for the first time — are often struck by just how unique Guam is compared to the rest of the world. 

Here are a few examples of Guam’s distinct style: 


And an order of red rice, please 

If you’re at a KFC in the states, don’t bother ordering red rice. You’ll just be sad. Although no scientific study has yet been conducted on the matter, it would probably be a good bet that no KFC in the 50 states has red rice. But here on Guam? You can get red rice pretty much everywhere. From Denny’s to TGI Friday’s to — yes — KFC, many an American chain restaurant has come to accommodate Guam’s insatiable hunger for the delicious red stuff. Maybe some mainland chains should take red rice for a spin! 


The Mighty Bush Cutter 

Ever seen a perfectly flat, square lawn being mowed by someone with a bush cutter? It’s not that no one on Guam uses mowers, but in some respects, the bush cutter has developed a mystique of its own. People will often proudly discuss the specs of their latest bush cutter almost like it’s a car. You see, there’s an art to cutting perfectly level grass with a bush cutter. Not to mention, you can use various attachments with a bush cutter such as brush knives and chain flails, which sound like medieval weapons. And that’s just rad. 


Zoris everywhere 

In the states, zoris — or “flip flops” — are summer wear and typically don’t stray too far from the beach or taking out the trash early in the morning. On Guam, zoris are essential. While you can’t wear them at most workplaces, it’s fair game almost everywhere else — shopping malls, bars or just running your daily errands. With so many options, the question becomes: should you go with ruggedness, comfort or fashion? Should you go with the Havaianas? Those dope Fokais? The Scotts? Until someone makes the perfect pair of zoris, that’s a great excuse for having a pair of all three. 


Home is where the shoe pile is 

Speaking of footwear, it’s a pretty hard and fast rule on Guam to remove your shoes or zoris before entering a house. At any house on Guam you’ll find a pile of footwear near the front door. In other places, they’re more casual about this. Sometimes you wear your shoes inside, sometimes not. Maybe you stack them nicely on a rug inside the door. This is why sometimes, while watching a TV show or movie, someone from Guam suddenly think, “That fool is wearing his shoes in the house and no one’s saying anything…” Just remember that if you have really nice Havaianas or brand-new Jordans, store them inside to keep them safe from the neighborhood saki (thief). As the local saying goes, “Those guys are faaaaast…" 


I can see clearly now…

Guam has some of the clearest water in the world. This is often touted by the tourism industry, which would seem a pretty standard practice, right? “Pristine waters,” and all that. But if you grew up on Guam, you may not fully appreciate just how clear our waters really are. Compared to many other places around the world, the water on Guam is, like, super clear. In some spots, it’s a good day if you can see 20 feet in front of you. On Guam, the beauty of the island’s underwater environment is on display for all to see — scuba divers to spear fishers to the average person frolicking at the beach on a Sunday afternoon. Aren’t we lucky to be here? 


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