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Fueling the Fun: 5 Guam Adventures with Subway Footlong Sidekicks

Fueling the Fun: 5 Guam Adventures with Subway Footlong Sidekicks



The sunshine and Guam’s beauty is calling! We all love to explore the island, but even the most chill adventures need a little somethin’ somethin’ to keep the fun going. That’s why we’ve partnered with Subway to bring along their delicious Footlong Sidekicks – not just any travel crew, but the kind to satisfy those munchies and keep those energy levels up. Ready? Let’s dive into 5 awesome Guam activities, perfectly paired with scrumptious and handy-dandy Subway Footlong Sidekicks to fuel our adventures. 


Chilling on the Beach 

Guam beaches, are the perfect escape! We can seriously hang out here all day swimming and soaking up the sun. But all that can build up an appetite, so we turn to the Subway Footlong Churro to satisfy our sweet tooth after basking in the sand and salt water. Ahh, nothing better than lying on that beach towel and enjoying the warm, gooey, and dripping with cinnamon goodness. Beach days just got even better! 


Two Lover’s Point 

Bring your date and go on a picnic! Take in the view and share a Subway Sidekick Footlong Churro at one of the most romantic spots on Guam, Two Lover’s Point. Whether it’s a special occasion or a nice day for a picnic, you won’t want to miss this spot when you are on the island. To seal the deal, visitors can write their initials on a lock and attach it to the heart lock wall to make the moment last forever. 


Road Trip down South 

So, we’re ready to cruise down south and enjoy the breeze with the windows down. There’s an abundance of activities to do, from joining a seawalker tour at Fish Eye Marine Park or going on an adventure river cruise at The Valley of the Latte, the list can go on. But between driving and making pit stops, we have to keep ourselves fueled up. For this, we instinctively pick the Subway Sidekick Footlong Pretzel as our ultimate road trip co-pilot. It’s the perfect grab-and-go snack – no spills, no mess, and easy to chomp down on while navigating Guam’s sites and er... potholes



If you are looking for a hiking spot on Guam, then you need to try Asan Beach Park. Grab your friend or furry companion and make your way down to the village of Asan. Not only is this a great hiking trail, but you will be surrounded by memorials and relics from World War II. After a long journey up the trail, relax in the shade under a coconut tree and indulge in a Subway Sidekick Footlong Pretzel. It’s a convenient snack to have on a break for refueling or as a post-hike reward. 


Emerald Valley

Tucked away in the village of Piti is the Emerald Valley. This spot is a must-see with its sparkly, clear blue water and lush greens making it the perfect place to escape for the weekend or while on vacation. If you didn’t balutan anything to take with you to this must-see attraction, don’t worry! Grab a Subway Sidekick Footlong Pretzel or Footlong Churro on your way down to Piti at one of Subway’s convenient locations. There’s no better way to enjoy a fun day under the sun than with a warm golden pretzel or sweet crisp churro to satisfy those mid-day cravings.

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