The Plaza Shopping Center in Tumon, Guam
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15 Things You Need to Know About Moving to Guam

The Plaza Shopping Center in Tumon, Guam

15 Things to Know Before You Go to Guam


Guam is unique and complex. It looks like one thing on the surface, but it’s entirely another animal underneath. Save time, money, and embarrassment on your trip (or move) to Guam with these tips! You can thank us later. Read more…

5 Tips for a Smooth Move to Guam

Moving is a task that can be quite stressful on people. That is why we made a list of five tips for a smooth move to Guam. Read More…

How to Find a Job on Guam


There is never a week where no new jobs are posted. There are several factors that make it hard to find a job on Guam: Low pay, nepotism, slow hiring process, and Police and court clearance requirements. We will tell you how to overcome these difficulties and find a job on Guam. Read more…

4 Tips for Renting on Guam


If you’re looking to rent an apartment or lease a house on Guam, we have some tips that will certainly help you out. Read more…

Moving Your Pets to Guam

Protecting Pets Guam

Guam is rabies-free and has a stringent animal rabies quarantine program. If your pet is not coming from a country or area recognized by Guam as rabies-free, then your pet will have to complete commercial quarantine on Guam. Read more…

Shopping on Guam


It’s no secret that prices for almost everything are higher on Guam. At The Guam Guide, we’re always on the lookout for ways to save you time and money when buying food, apparel, or household items on island. Read more…

The Guam Shipping Guide

Some of us go to great lengths to get the products we know and love. There is a cost-effective way to shop online and utilize the U.S. Postal Service we are so fortunate to have on Guam. Read more…

Homeschooling Your Kids on Guam

Homeschooling on Guam has become a viable option for the education of our island’s youth in recent years. Some of its perks include learning at your own pace, no school uniforms, flexible schedules, and more. Read more…

Getting Medical Care in Manila

st lukes manila medical guam

It’s no secret that Guam’s civilian hospital, Guam Memorial, is lacking qualified medical personnel, skilled specialists, and even hospital beds. This makes the 4-hour direct flight from Guam to Manila an appealing option to find all those amenities Guam so sorely lacks. Read more…

Typhoon Preparedness on Guam

typhoon satellite image

As a newcomer or an old-time Guam resident, a refresher course in typhoon preparedness is in order. Read more…

It’s No Fun at the Guam DMV

DMV Guam

Is there anyone that likes to stand in line at the DMV? I don’t think so! No DMV is fun to deal with — the lines are long, the requirements can be confusing and get ready to hand over a chunk of change. Before you head out to wait in those lines make sure you take a look at this checklist. Read more…

Learning Chamorro Words

Have you ever said something, thinking you pronounced the word or phrase correctly, only to hear someone use the same word or phrase entirely differently? You’re not alone. Many words and phrases on Guam are not what you would expect. Read More…

Eating Local on Guam

Boonie Thai Papaya Salad Guam

“Eat local” is far more than a marketing message, it can be a way of life. Yes, even on a Guam! We’ve partnered with Farm to Table Guam as well as our local columnists to show you how to buy and eat local, from honey to lettuce. Read more…

Enjoying Guam Gluten-Free

women eating at cafe guam

Although Guam does seem to have a bakery on every corner, you don’t have to hide in your own kitchen to stay healthy. There are plenty of delicious gluten-free options that are easy on your wallet as well. Read more…

What Nobody Tells You

Smell the hand Guam

The more you know the better! Before moving to Guam be sure to learn as much as you can. Changes in lifestyle, the money you spend, the people you know, and the distance from other parts of the world are things to be taken into consideration. Read more…

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15 Things You Need to Know About Moving to Guam
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