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Sip & Savor: 10 Guam Cafes with Great Vibes

Sip & Savor: 10 Guam Cafes with Great Vibes

Guam’s coffee scene has been thriving. In recent years, there have been several new cafes popping up all over the island, serving up everything from traditional favorites to unique blends and savory bites. Here are 10 cafes on Guam that you need to check out.


1. Brewed Awakenings

Step into this cozy coffee shop with chill vibes. They have a great selection of coffee drinks, pastries, snacks, and sandwiches. They also have a selection of specialty drinks, smoothies, and acai bowls. Plus, there’s a comfy hangout corner stocked with board games and musical instruments to jam while you sip.

Sip: Try the Mangomansi for those hot hot days                            
Bite: Poké Pockets are the perfect bite-sized version of poke bowls

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2. Elevenses Coffee Shop

Get ready to sip and snap at Elevenses — a charming corner nestled in Tamuning. Decked out with stunning flowers and décor (thanks to their knack for event styling), this spot is your new go-to. They’ve got everything from coffee and yummy pastries to sandwiches and sorbet cups. This is also the place to try the much-loved Dalgona coffee drink, which originated in South Korea and became a global trend during 2020. It’s a whipped coffee concoction with a rich and creamy flavor that’s delicious as it is photogenic.

Sip: Dalgona Coffee                            
Bite: Dragonfruit or Coconut Sorbet

Visit: Micronesia Mall - 
Tamuning - 


3. Café Gudcha

You might just bump into Café Gudcha’s adorable mascot, Potato, a pupper who loves chilling by the café and even graces some of their merch. This spot is popular with locals and tourists alike. They’ve got a range of organic coffee and tea options, along with tasty vegan/vegetarian pastries and snacks, with hot sandwiches made to order. You'll find this café bright and cozy – complete with cushy couches, cushions, comfy chairs, dedicated workspaces, and yes, even hammock seating for the ultimate laid-back experience.

Sip: The oh-so Instagram-worthy Butterfly Effect                            
Bite: Acai Bowl



4. Honolulu Coffee Co. (Tumon Sands Plaza)

Indulge in a cup of Kona coffee at Honolulu Coffee Co. It’s a laid-back spot with plenty of seating, located inside Tumon Sands Plaza. This is your spot to recharge. Their menu also includes pastries, smoothies and acai bowls, stacks of pancakes, and French toast.  

Sip: Caramel Kona Frost       
Bite: Strawberry Banana Pancakes

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5. Slowalk Coffee Roasters

If you are looking for the most Instagram worthy café in Guam, then you need to visit Slowalk Coffee Roasters. This three-story cafe and coffee museum is one that you won’t want to miss. Upon entering the café, you can’t help but notice how aesthetic this modern industrial café is. Enjoy any of their carefully curated coffee selections from lattes to teas. Whether you want something savory or sweet, they have something for everyone. Try any of their croffles, burgers, or freshly baked pastries to pair nicely with your drink. 

Sip: Signature Dirty Coffee                          
Bite: Sweet and Spicy Chicken Burger 



6. Port of Mocha

Introducing Port of Mocha, your go-to destination catering to all preferences. Treat yourself to an array of espresso delights, from timeless lattes and cappuccinos to unique brews like their Vietnamese coffee. If coffee isn't your thing, they've got teas, smoothies, fresh cold-pressed juice and delectable pastries, and savory sandwiches and wraps to satisfy your cravings. The café has plenty of seating, including a second floor. It’s got a laid-back ambiance, making it the ideal spot to unwind, connect with pals, or get some work done. You'll find it conveniently nestled near Ross, at the corner of Guam Premiere Outlets – a prime spot to recharge after your shopping sesh.

Sip: Almond Joy Mocha                            
Bite: Salmon Avocado Toast



7. Café Mayflour

Once you step into Mayflour, you'll be greeted by a charming nautical feel that sets the scene. They’re a bakery too, so make sure you stock up your pantry with their freshly baked goods. They are known for their irresistible nama buns – think soft bread hugging a dreamy cream filling. Just a heads-up: these nama buns are incredibly generous with their luscious fresh cream, so stock up on napkins before you dive in. And don't forget to take a peek at their slow-drip coffee machine, perfect for whipping up a refreshing cold brew!

Sip: Coldbrew or Yuja Citrus Ade (refreshing carbonated lemonade drink)                            
Bite: Fresh nama bun (they have many flavors to choose from, but we recommend to start with the original milk)



8. Patisserie PariSco

Welcome to Guam’s own charming patisserie with a cozy French farmhouse vibe. Indulge in their array of timeless French pastries, macarons, tarts, and specialty cakes, all served with a touch of ooh-la-la elegance. What makes their treats even more enticing is that they're the creations of the talented Louboutins, a dynamic duo of classically trained pastry chefs hailing from both France and Guam. And if you're craving something heartier, they've got you covered with pasta salads, sandwiches, and even a comforting tomato soup option. PariSco’s desserts are as beautiful as they are delicious!

Sip: Strawberry Milk Macchiato and the Oat milk Honey Latte; for a caffeine buzz — espressoda (espresso with a sparkle)                            
Bite: Spinach and feta croissant; slice of the Temptation cake

Visit: Tamuning - 
Pay-Less Supermarket (Yigo) - 


9. Café Rocona

Take a break at this Japanese-inspired café radiating a warm and inviting atmosphere with plenty of seating. Get ready to enjoy a delightful array of coffee, tea, lattes, and all your favorite café essentials. Their menu boasts an assortment of treats, from sweet and savory crepes and danishes to scrumptious sandwiches and decadently loaded croissants. What’s the Rocona difference? Premium Japanese cake flour and top-notch components that make their desserts truly exceptional.

Sip: Royal Milk Tea (hot or iced)                            
Bite: Nutella Strawberry Japanese Crepe



10. Coffee Slut

Swing by and treat yourself to a nitro-charged cold brew or a refreshing juice! Coffee Slut is celebrated for its delectable brews, amiable crew, and laid-back ambiance. The shop's interior is an artsy, lively fusion, drawing a diverse crowd ranging from students and professionals to curious travelers. Aside from drinks and merch, they’re a hub for events — poetry nights, live performances, and exciting pop-ups. On the go? Visit their drive-thru.

Sip: Black & White (nitro coffee with dark chocolate, cream and sugar)                            
Bite: Mangler Melt



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