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Moving your pets to Guam

Moving your pets to Guam

If you’re looking to move your pets to Guam expect a lot of paperwork, time and money as part of the process. The island is rabies-free and has stringent requirements to ensure the disease doesn’t enter its shores.

If your pet is not coming from a country or area recognized by Guam as rabies-free, then your pet will have to complete commercial quarantine. The law is in place to protect residents and pets from the devastating impacts of rabies.

All dogs and cats brought into Guam from other than rabies-free areas of Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the British Isles must undergo one of three quarantine periods consisting of 120 days, calculated quarantine, or up to five days at a Guam Department of Agriculture-approved animal quarantine facility.

Pets coming from designated rabies-free areas must submit an affidavit for export or certificate of origin. The affidavit certifies that the dog or cat was not outside the area of origin during the 4-month period immediately preceding the date of shipment. Affidavits of this nature are generally issued by a government entity (i.e. state or national Department of Agriculture veterinarian or U.S. Army veterinarian) in the jurisdiction of origin.

Pets must enter Guam via the airport so prepare to have enough money to pay the airline fee to bring them in. Your pet will need to have a microchip and your veterinarian must provide a health certificate that includes the microchip number and confirmation that they were able to scan it.

A minimum of two rabies vaccinations are required prior to arrival to Guam. You’ll also need to have other vaccinations depending on if you have a dog or a cat.



  1. You need to apply for an import permit and pay a $65 per pet fee to the Guam Department of Agriculture. Documents like rabies certificates, vaccination records, FAVN, health certificate, can be emailed to [email protected]
  2. A Fluorescent Antibody Serum Neutralization Test or FAVN must be conducted to determine if a pet has responded adequately to rabies vaccination and is required prior to arrival. The test must be conducted no less than 90 days and no more than 12 months prior to arrival in Guam. A result of 0.5. IU per milliliter of rabies antibodies or greater is required.



Depending on what quarantine your pet is able to get will determine how much you will need to spend on paying a quarantine facility.

If your pets don’t pass the requirements they’ll need to be put into a quarantine facility for 120 days at the owner's expense.

Pets coming in with a FAVN of 0.5 IU to 0.99 IU will spend only as many days in commercial quarantine as required to reach 120 total days since the FAVN blood sample was received by the laboratory.

Pets coming in with a FAVN of 1.0 IU or greater and having all other vaccinations will be examined by a veterinarian within 5 days of arrival and will complete the remainder of their 120 quarantine at home.

The U.S. Coast Guard Sector Guam has a great guide with helpful information on moving pets to the island.

Guam quarantine guidelines are subject to change, so contact the Department of Agriculture at (671) 300-7965/66 if you have questions.

Animal Medical Clinic & Pet Quarantine is a full-service vet and quarantine facility.

If you would like to adopt a pet in Guam, reach out to Guam Animals in Need or any of the animal shelters. Just be sure that the responsibility is a permanent one, and that you will take your Fur Baby with you if you leave.

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