5 Quick & Tasty Restaurants On Guam

Fuji Ichiban, Guam

Guam is a food-lover’s playground, and if you’re planning a trip there you can expect a plethora of cuisines and quite a few culinary surprises. On a budget? No problem. Our restaurant round-up includes joints that won’t break the bank. Don’t forget to check out for Priceline coupons that can save you money on flights and hotels. Read on to learn more about the best places to eat on Guam!

Fuji Ichiban

Fuji Ichiban Guam

Looking for great Japanese food during your trip to Guam (or just a hangover cure)? Well, your search has ended, as Fuji Ichiban is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fried sweet and sour chicken comes highly recommended. Be forewarned: the lines can be long and the restaurant is usually quite busy. It’s essentially the equivalent of a Japanese fast food joint, but who cares when the food is this good?

The Italian Restaurant Debate

Vitale's Italian Restaurant Guam

It is probably hard to believe that Guam would be the location of not one, but three popular Italian restaurants. Capricciosa is geared more towards family style dining and providing a large quantity of food at an affordable price. On the other hand, Vitale’s aims to offer a more authentic Italian dining experience and provides diners with rich, satisfactory meals. Best of all, each meal that you consume at Vitale’s comes with its own loaf of bread and you can also add cheesy bread on the side for an affordable price. We highly recommend Gabriel’s Italian in Agana. Don’t be discouraged by the shabby decor — this places delivers heaping bowls of pasta and legendary Italian bread, all for a very reasonable price.

House of Brutus

House of Brutus burger

Some foreign travelers are not fully prepared to enjoy the taste of another culture and are merely in search of a restaurant that allows them to maintain the same eating habits that they have become accustomed to. The House of Brutus offers travelers the chance to enjoy some great music as they chow down on the burgers and fries that they know and love.

Mosa’s Joint

Ahi Kelaguen MoSas Joint Guam Food

This restaurant is more than just a mere burger joint, as Mosa’s offers a number of interesting takes on the classic dinner time option. The prices remain close to the Guam average and diners are able to enjoy bar food that is done right. Don’t mistake this quality restaurant for the shady bars that are located close by. The burgers are award-winning and the walls are filled with colorful artwork that is supplied by the locals.


Misoya restaurant, Guam

Those who value restaurants that use only the freshest and most natural ingredients would do well to head to Misoya during their Guam sojourn. While many foreign travelers view ramen noodles as an inexpensive dining option for struggling students, Misoya’s take on the dish will have you reconsidering this point of view. Their servers are highly attentive and provide rapid and efficient service, as well.

5 Quick & Tasty Restaurants On Guam

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