New Amusement Park Opening in February

Phase I of the Tagada Guam amusement park is set to open next month. Tagada will be leasing nearly 4,000 square feet in Tumon between the Ohana Bayview and Pacific Place.

Tagada Guam, LLC hopes its new amusement park will provide both locals and tourists a new set of evening activities. Project coordinator Veronica Lee says the opening date is set for mid-February.

The first phase of the park will consist of three rides including a huge swing called The Viking, a gravity-defying ride called The Tagada, and bumper cars. Phase II will consist of an inflatable balloon ride rising to 100 feet above the ground and a 3D plane ride.

The project will cost more than $2 million and be marketed with travel packages. The park will open from 3 in the afternoon to 11 in the evening with a midnight closing time for the weekends.


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