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The Guam Guide and Global Girl Travels are in production on a one-of-a-kind travel documentary about Guam. On the heels of United Airlines Hemispheres’ cover story, Three Perfect Days in Guam, writer, photographer, and TV host Jessica Peterson will take viewers for an intimate look at island culture, food, and adventure.

Off the Beaten Path: The Trails of Ritidian Beach

Ritidian Point may be famed for its powdery, white sand and jeweled waters, but beyond the splendors of its shoreline lies much to see. The beach itself is just the ornamental fringe of the 1,203-acre Guam National Wildlife Refuge, home of Marianas fruit bats, crows, and tree snails, plus significant remnants of ancient Chamorro culture. A fully-explored day at Ritidian will yield lattes, water wells, and pottery fragments—evidence of the once-thriving Chamorro village that likely predated the 1521 arrival of the Spanish by more than five hundred years.

The Sweet, the Salty, and the Pickled: A Guide to Guam’s Mom ‘n Pop Shops

In some ways, the mom ‘n pop store and Guam have a lot in common: on the outside, you might see a weather-beaten building with a strange name, but once you go in, you will find no shortage of surprises. Every village has one, most have many. On the counter next to the register you will find sweet, salty, and spicy never-fail favorites.

Game On: Where to Celebrate Super Bowl Monday on Guam

Game On: Where to Celebrate Super Bowl Monday on Guam

That’s right, Monday. The Super Bowl is one thing that doesn’t come early to the island “where America’s day begins.” Instead of Sunday night, the football holiday will be celebrated on Monday February 2, with the kickoff at 9 a.m. Then, maybe, just maybe, the great deflate-agate debate will be solved over a cold beer and pupus. But if not, Seahawk fans and Patriots should at least be able to agree the game gets better when someone else is cooking.

The Best of Guam – Things to Do in Every Village

Guam may be small in size, but it’s big on water activities, culture, shopping, dining, and breathtaking beaches. Find the best of each village — yes, all 23 — here.